Why You Need a Prebiotic and a Probiotic


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Incorporating prebiotic and probiotic supplements into a daily routine may be beneficial for your health — here’s what you need to know.

The average person has about 100 trillion bacteria — some good, some bad — in their digestive system. This is called the gut flora.

Probiotics can increase the quantity and diversity of good bacteria in the gut. This improves digestion, nutrient absorption, immune response, and helps regulate body functions. Prebiotics — fiber that the body can’t digest — feed the probiotics in the gut to help them thrive.

Origin of a revolutionary probiotic

When it comes to prebiotic and probiotic supplements, one company is leading the way. BlueBiology is a family-owned company that commits to providing their customers with safe and effective health supplements. Each product is expertly-formulated and contains quality ingredients without preservatives, additives, or fillers.

BlueBiology’s CEO and founder, Loren Richter, began his journey with probiotics after years of dealing with sciatica and other health issues. He was limited in how much he could exercise, so he focused on improving his diet. After reading about the potential benefits of probiotics, he decided to give them a try. After lots of research, trial and error, he couldn’t find a probiotic that worked. So, he put all of his research into action and founded BlueBiology with his brother, Nick Richter, in 2014.

Their father, Dr. Mark Richter, a biochemist, helped formulate their best-selling product BlueBiotics: Ultimate Care. BlueBiology’s probiotic formula is continuously improving with the help of consulting experts, like renowned biochemist Dr. Phillip Gao. These days, the company is owned and operated by Loren Richter and his wife, Mackenzie Schutz, a licensed registered nurse.

While other companies prioritize bulk-manufacturing commonly found and cheap strains, BlueBiology has gained a reputation as the most comprehensive and diverse probiotic available. “Variety is key,” Richter says, noting that an ideal probiotic supplement establishes a lasting balance in your body. Each strain serves a unique purpose and together they work to control the population of harmful bacteria in your gut.

Their signature probiotic, BlueBiotics: Ultimate Care©, is an allergen-free, preservative-free probiotic supplement that features a proprietary blend of 61 billion colony-forming units (CFU) and has 11 robust, potent strains to balance and restore gut health.

BlueBiology’s Prebiotic Powder has a unique blend of fibers designed to increase probiotic growth. It contains a perfect balance of soluble and insoluble fiber, which many people lack in their regular diets. With added alpha-galactosidase, this is a zero-bloating fiber supplement.

Choosing the right prebiotic and probiotic

Probiotics should have a protective enteric coating. This prevents them from dissolving in the stomach acids so they can reach the intestines.

“The stomach acid will kill the bacteria, so you want one with an enteric coating. This will protect the bacteria going through the stomach and allow them to reach the intestines without being damaged,” says Dr. Gao.

Choose a product with over 10 billion CFU — with 60 billion CFU being ideal. Richter recommends doing research to find out which strains might benefit you — then choosing a probiotic with a diverse variety. Most probiotic products do not meet these criteria, BlueBiology is one of the few that does.

While you can take your probiotic any time of day or night, it’s smart to take it in the morning before you eat.

“The food that you eat from then on throughout the day will push the probiotic colonies along your upper and lower intestinal tract and give you a nice spread of colonies,” says Richter.

For best results, take your prebiotic and probiotic regularly. “Keep it consistent, that would be the most important thing,” says Dr. Gao.

The products start to work within days and long-term benefits can be felt within 2-3 months, as noted with a reduction in symptoms with food intolerances, regular bowel movements, increased energy, improved sleep, and decreased weight fluctuations.

For more information about starting a pre/probiotic supplementation routine with BlueBiology visit Bluebiology.com.


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