6 Common Mistakes You’re Making with Your Probiotic

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Raise your hand if you’ve taken a probiotic. 

Most people across America will find themselves with an arm up. Unfortunately, many of them will also say they had a lack of results and therefore quit taking them- still suffering from symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, and bloating. 

The good news: it can be easy to see the results you want with some minor changes to things like dosage, formulation, and lifestyle changes. 

Health pros agree the payoff of a high-quality probiotic can be life-changing. BlueBiology’s Ultimate Care Probiotic powers your body to maintain a healthy, diverse balance of your own intestinal bacteria.  In plain English that means it can make your whole body feel better. By increasing digestive enzymes it has been shown to improve absorption of water, nutrients, and enhance the breakdown of indigestible carbs and starches. 

But there is a catch.

In order for all this to work, even with BlueBiology’s potent strains and high-quality ingredients, you need to do some things right away to see the biggest benefits.



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1. Follow the dosage guidelines

The dosing instructions are there for a reason. Just like taking medicine, if you aren’t taking the correct dosage your results will likely not be what you want them to be. While not taking enough will leave you noticing not much, taking too much isn’t good either. Bottom line, follow the manufacturer dosage guidelines to make sure your product is as effective as possible.

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2. Be consistent everyday

Just like a vitamin, consistency is key to results. Lacking consistency will leave the product less effective and with your results less than ideal. Maybe it's easiest to take it first thing in the morning, before a meal, or keeping them by your nightstand for bedtime. No matter what you decide works for you, make sure you start off on the right foot by taking them daily and at the same time.

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3. Don’t forget water

While hydrating is important whether you are taking probiotics or not, you will see greater results with your probiotic if you remember this rule. Water is a good friend of digestion, so keeping up with hydration and your daily probiotic is a winning combination for gut health.

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4. Keep active

Probiotics can offer amazing benefits, but they aren't magic makers. If you are stagnant it makes it even harder for your body to process what’s inside it and keep your digestive system healthy. Keep active and exercise- it doesn’t need to be anything extreme, a simple walk for 20-30 minutes a day is a great start.

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5. Eat a healthy, balanced diet

Chowing down daily on fast food and sweets can wreak havoc on your gut flora, something even the most powerful probiotic will have trouble undoing. While indulging occasionally on sweets or high sodium items is fine, make sure you focus on making healthy choices more often than not. This will ensure that your probiotic is able to work at peak performance and in general your body will thank you.

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6. Take a prebiotic

Probiotics' close friend is prebiotic. Prebiotics are plant fibers that provide the most optimal fuel to get probiotics working strong. While they can be found naturally in fibrous fruits, vegetables, and grains more often than not we fail to take enough of them to make a difference to power up the probiotic to full strength. BlueBiology’s Prebiotic Powder is a great option to ensure you are getting that extra boost your body needs to fuel your probiotic to fully do its work and improve overall gut health.



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With these 6 simple changes you can start noticing better results from your probiotic and overall feel a lot better. With holidays quickly approaching, make sure you have a high quality probiotic like BlueBiology's Ultimate Care Probiotic paired with BlueBiology’s  Prebiotic Powder.

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