Not All Probiotic Supplements Are Male Friendly

A Quick Rundown

We've all seen supplements claiming to strengthen or boost your immune system, however, over 90% of these supplements fail to live up to their claims.

Probiotics on the other hand are not one of these supplements.

These friendly living microorganisms have been used for thousands of years and have increasingly become the focus of new research within the last century. Each new year brings us new discoveries of their profound health benefits.

Here's What We Know About Probiotics

white blood cells are the tiny warriors which make up the forces of our immune system. Scientists recently discovered that, on an even more fundamental level:

  • ✓ Probiotics strengthen white blood cells
  • ✓ This enhances our immune response

How BlueBiotics Boosts Immunity?

One way probiotics help boost our immune system is by producing t-cells that are responsible for creating antibodies, the same t-cells that were promoted by probiotics also help our t-killer cells grow.

The Benefits Do Not Stop

Probiotics are perhaps best known for their unrivaled digestive system benefits. Consider this: certain foods that we all consume cannot be broken down by our bodies natural digestive enzymes. This results in the food passing through still partially-whole and nutrients not being used. Fortunately, probiotics are able to break down these foods which allows our bodies to absorb the key nutrients from the food while promoting better digestion. Last, but surely not least, probiotic strains such as lactobacillus secrete lactic acid in the stomach which improves digestion of lactose products and creates an acidic environment in the stomach where disease causing pathogens cannot survive and make us ill. This can prevent the type of diarrhea that can commonly lead to infection.

  • ✓ Certain Probiotic Strains Found In BlueBiotics Produce Helpful Acid In The Stomach
  • ✓ Pathogens Cannot Survive In Acidic Environments

The Problem For Men

With new ground breaking discoveries

probiotics have become more popular within the last few years which has led other companies to formulate a probiotic supplement but in a hurry and not well thought out...

A majority of these probiotic supplements contain harmful ingredients that cause a long list of problems.

Most of time these conditions sneak up on you and randomly occur down the road however males can notice a direct impact on hormones that play akey role in managing a healthy life, a positive mood and productivity. 

  • ✓ The Impacted Hormones Play A Major Role In Growth, Metabolism, And Fertility
  • ✓ Once Hormones Are Impacted The Immune System Is Impacted

 Being in the industry for over a decade our team has seen this problem affect the lives of so many, and this is why we only stand for clean, safe products. Our team wanted to tailor a product to fit the needs of men with a comprehensive safe formula, and we did such! 

Our formula only contains the essentials: 11 different probiotic species and organic rice flour. We did not include any additives, dyes or fillers for your safety! And chose rice flour as an inulin prebiotic that’s full of B vitamins, which produces energy which is needed to have a strong libido worth talking about. Rice also contains magnesium which is essential for muscle contractions.


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