How Long Does it Take for Probiotics to Work? A Look at What The Research Says

Probiotic supplements have become extremely popular in recent years — and for good reason. Probiotics are microorganisms that confer health benefits on their host. They can improve digestive health, immune health, and have numerous other health benefits.

But if you just started taking probiotics you may be wondering how long it takes for them to work. That's what we'll be taking a look at in this article.


How Probiotics Work

Probiotics are microorganisms that are beneficial to our health.

Probiotics work to make us healthier in a number of ways.

Probiotics benefit our health by:

  • Decreasing the bad, pathogenic bacteria in the gut that can cause infection and inflammation
  • Inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and boosting the digestive tract's strength against them
  • Promoting a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria in the body
  • Replacing good bacteria that can be lost through things like illness, antibiotics, poor diet, and more (1)
Diagram showing how probiotics work


What the Research Says About How Long it Takes for Probiotics to Work

Probiotic benefits are both strain-specific and disease-specific, according to this study. (1) This partly means that how long it takes for probiotics to work for you is going to depend on your health status and what probiotic strains you get through food or that you take in a supplement.

If you have a certain health condition and you take a probiotic strain known to improve it, you may see results relatively quickly. On the other hand, if you're healthy and don't have any illnesses, you may experience the benefits of probiotics more subtly and over time.

In other words, how long it takes for probiotics to work depends on a lot of factors. That may not be to answer you wanted to hear, but it's important to keep in mind that it can take some time before you notice direct results from probiotics.


Why Probiotics Might not be Working for You

If you're taking a probiotic supplement and feel like it isn't working for you, there are a few reasons why that may be the case.

Some potential reasons why may include:

1) You May Have Taken a Low-Quality Probiotic Product

Probiotics are living microorganisms and therefore are somewhat delicate, especially compared to other supplements that don't contain living microorganisms. Some supplement brands formulate their probiotic products with inferior strains that haven’t been proven or in some cases can actually be harmful.

BlueBiotics Ultimate Care contains only the most well-researched probiotic strains and we use the highest quality manufacturing methods and encapsulation.


2) The Probiotics Die Before you Take Them

The probiotics in supplements can die at any point between the time they were manufactured to when you take them. Things like heat and exposure to direct sunlight can kill probiotics.

We use solid colored recyclable plastic bottles for our probiotics. That way, they're protected from light and heat.

Our probiotics are freeze-dried, which also protects them from heat.


3) The Probiotics Die in Your Stomach Before they Reach the Gut

Probiotics can't pass off their health benefits unless they reach the gut. That means they have to pass through the stomach first, which isn't easy considering stomach acid kills probiotics if they come in contact with each other.

You ensure your probiotics reach the gut by choosing a probiotic supplement that's delivered via enteric-coated capsules, like BlueBiotics Ultimate Care.


4) Not Taking Your Probiotics Consistently

It's hard for your probiotic supplement to have its intended health benefits if you don't get into a routine of taking it. If you're looking to form a healthy habit such as taking your probiotics every day, experts recommend setting goals, creating an environment that helps with forming the new habit, and telling the people around you about your goals. (2)

It's also a good idea to get on a set schedule of taking your supplements such as every day with breakfast.


5) You're Taking the Wrong Strains

Each probiotic strain has its own unique health benefits. So if you're trying to get relief from a certain condition, it could require a certain probiotic strain.

We believe the best solution was to include a wide spectrum of the most effective probiotic strains. That way, you get strains that have benefits for a variety of conditions plus other strains that will improve your digestive and overall health.

BlueBiotics Ultimate Care contains a potent 61 billion CFU of 11 probiotic strains, which you can learn more about here.


6) You Have Unrealistic Expectations

For all their wonderful health benefits, it's important to recognize that probiotics aren't magic and they're not the be-all and end-all of your health. Probiotics can improve your health but they should be paired with proper diet and exercise. They're just one aspect of living a healthy lifestyle.


Choosing the Right Probiotic for You

Everyone has different health needs so it's a good idea to take account of your health and what probiotic strains would benefit you the most. Probiotics come in all sorts of forms; from foods to drinks, to gummies, to capsules and tablets. One of these forms may be more effective for you or sit better with your stomach so it's worth trying various types of probiotics to find out what works best for you and your body.


What you can do to Make Your Probiotic Effective

There are multiple things you can do to preserve your probiotics and ensure that you get the most out of them. As far as keeping your probiotics preserved before you take them, it's best to keep them out of heat and direct sunlight. Refrigerating probiotics is recommended, as doing so can extend the life of the cultures.

When you take your probiotics matters. Studies suggest that the best time to take probiotics is with a meal or within 30 minutes before eating. (3)

It's also important to keep in mind that probiotics need a food source to flourish and be as effective as possible. It's good to actively work more prebiotic foods into your diet (generally foods high in fiber content) or take a prebiotic supplement. Probiotics and prebiotics work together to improve your digestion and other aspects of your health.



There are an infinite number of variables when it comes to how long it will take for probiotics to work. Everyone has different genetic and biological makeup. You may be healthy or unhealthy or have a specific condition.

You also have to take into consideration that every probiotic strain has unique health benefits (although some health benefits may overlap among differing strains).

If you want to get results from probiotics as fast as possible, look for probiotic products with a wide variety of strains, get in a routine of taking them with a meal, and pair them with prebiotics, proper diet, and exercise.



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