Enteric Coated Probiotics: Why Enteric Coating is So Important

Probiotics are great but not all probiotic supplements are created equally.

Some probiotic supplements may not truly live up to their claimed health benefits because they’re not delivered through a method that gets the probiotics all the way to the intestines, which is where they need to reach in order to be effective.

That’s where enteric-coated capsules come in.


Why You Should Choose a Probiotic Supplement with Enteric-Coated Capsules

As mentioned previously, probiotics need to get to the intestines for them to be able to have health benefits. That means they need to make it through the harmful environment of the stomach and its acid first.

Stomach acid is a necessary part of the digestive system for breaking down food, but it kills probiotics if they come in direct contact with each other.

The way to address this is to use enteric-coated capsules. Enteric-coated capsules deliver probiotics through the stomach untouched all the way to the gut, where they’re released.

As one study showed, enteric-coated capsules “... protect probiotics from the acidic gastric environment and enhance the bioactivity of probiotics along with replacement of pathogenic microbes in the human intestine.”


The Bottom Line

Enteric coating is a technology that delivers probiotics safely to their destination in the intestines, which is where they need to arrive in order to pass on their health benefits. Without a viable delivery method like enteric-coated capsules, probiotics aren’t able to reach the intestines and be effective. You may be wasting your money if you’re taking a probiotic supplement that doesn’t have a viable delivery method.

When deciding which probiotic supplement product to buy, be sure to choose one delivered via enteric-coated capsules, like BlueBiotics Ultimate Care.

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