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    Return Policy

    When shipping back returns please ship to:

    1850 Mercer Rd Suite 100
    Lexington, KY 40598

    HGSD offers a 90-day money back guarantee on all products purchased through our websites.

    *Refunds are not available for orders purchased during a sale.

    *For subscriptions, only the most recent order is available for a refund. 

    This guarantee comes into effect the day your product is shipped from our fulfillment center and expires 90 days thereafter.

    We require that all returns have a tracking number for the shipment. Please call in, or email with the tracking number and your order number so we can issue the refund.

    This return policy is only valid for 12 or fewer bottles purchased during a single 24 hour period.

    Each consumer is entitled to one return annually.

    Refunds for returns that exceed these terms will be given at the discretion of our support team.

    Please contact customer support at for further assistance with your return.